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本报北京10月11日讯 记者蒋安杰刘子阳 近日最高人民法院和司法部联合发布《关于开展刑事案件律师辩护全覆盖试点工作的办法...
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  • patent

    The patent is the abbreviation of the patent right, which is the right of the state to grant the applicant exclusive right, use and disposition of the invention and creation result in a certain period of time according to the patent law
  • trademark

    A mark is a sign used to distinguish between a source of goods or services. It is based on the needs of human production and life practice came into being, both an intellectual property, a mental labor and industrial property is part of the enterprise is an intangible property.
  • copyright

    Copyright (English name: copyright) that is copyright, refers to the literary, artistic, scientific works of the author's rights to their works (including property rights personal rights).
  • legal service

    Legal services, referred to as "legal service", refers to lawyers, non-lawyers legal workers, legal professionals (including legal persons within the staff, retired, retired political and legal personnel, etc.) or related institutions with their legal knowledge and skills for legal or natural Its legitimate rights and interests, improve economic efficiency, eliminate illegal infringement, to prevent legal risks, to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests to provide professional activities
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  • Beijing headquarters

    Address: Beijing City, Chaoyang District No. 2 North Street anzhen small Huangzhuang foreign trade building B709 
  • Shenyang branch

    Address: Heping District, Shenyang City Cultural Road on the 19th floor of the 12th floor of the Branch 12th
  • Haidian office

    Address: Haidian District, Beijing Song Jun Temple No. 14 Xin three yuan office
    Room 906
  • Urumqi Branch

    Address: Xinjiang Urumqi City Friendship Road 529 New Technology Park 4-110
  • Ganzhou Branch

    Address: Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, Nan Kang District Furniture City, a new market supporting 16number 2
  • Xian Branch

    Address:Shaanxi high-paying area of Tang Yan Road on the 11th Wo Sheng Jing Guang Center F-502
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